Due covid-19 lockdown, our opening hours are subject to change. 
Workshop is closed until further notice.
To arrange collection please text: 07759 178 449.

Parking space
 is available for short drop off/collection times.

We reserved the rights to close workshop in some cases - In those situations, updated info should be found on this site.

Items posted need to be properly packed  and include:
- return address,
- contact details (phone, email),
- description of fault or works that need to be done.

Due to parts delivery times, manufacturer unsupported or unusual equipment, etc. turnover time might be longer than expected.

Items should be collected within one month from date when work is finished.

We assured 6 months warranty on our work (warranty do not apply to parts used, if different/not related to repaired fault occure, improper handling and improper operating of equipment).

There are high grade rehearsal rooms within premises - open 7 days a week and offering additional services like: backline, storage space, transport, etc.
For more info please check:

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