Prices are vary and depend of amount of work and time required for particular job. Usual prices for repairs are as follow (cost of parts is not included):

Amplifier (guitar, bass, accoustic, PA, etc.) - 60£ 
Processor/multieffect (rack/floor/standalone, etc.) - 40£
Speaker cabinet/monitor - passive 20£, active 40£
Pedal/effect - 25£

Reference/hi-end amplifier - 60£
Outboard (studio/PA/rack/standalone, etc.) - 40£
Studio NF monitor/active speaker - 40£
Keyboard/synth - 30£

We offer wide variety of modifications based mostly on Your specifications and ideas. Feel free to contact us with queries for particular works and we will get back with details. 

Common modifications:
- power supply (transformers, rectifiers, capacitors, voltage regulators, etc.),      
- gain structure (more/less gain, different taper, extra gain stage, etc.),            
- tone stack (different EQ filtering, EQ bypass, bright switch, etc.),
- master volume fitting (pre/post inverter, fx loop),
- fx loop fitting (valve or solid state, level/mix controls, buffered),
- output stage (power tubes, bias, transformers, presence/resonance, etc.),                      
- extra controls (LEDs, meters, switches, potentiometers, etc.),
- backlight (LEDs, bulbs),
- true bypass (guitar pedals, studio units),
- switching (rerouting of signal path with extra relays/LDRs/solenoids, etc.),    
- mains supply conversion (eg. from 115V to 230V),                                              

Other works:
- valve amp building (build from scratch or kit assembly),                                
- fx pedals building (custom, kit assembly, etc.)
- custom units building (signalling, controlling, power supplies, etc.),              
- cables (custom lenghts, plugs, types),
- pedal boards (assembling, fault finding, etc.),
- rehousing (moving internals to different enclosure),

We do guitar servicing and repairs which cover most of musician’s demands.
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